Aisle Style

Walking down the aisle, this has to be the moment when your nerves are tingling so loud you feel as though the whole world as well as all your guests, can hear them. This is also the moment that you can look ahead and be safe in the thought that all those weeks of planning and toil are finally over as you head off to meet your future husband.

So your aisle style has to be perfect too, and as many of the wedding we are involved in here in Spain are outdoors there are a number of decoration tips we can offer you to make sure your walk down the aisle is perfect. Here we have some of our top tips for decorating your aisle.


Petal Carpet

As the name suggests is a carpet made of pretty petals, they look beautiful and smell heavenly, you can choose petals in any colour to compliment your wedding theme. However one thing to be aware of,- petals are not a good idea on a windy day, so it is best to have a contingency just in case!

Iwona dec5

Traditional Carpet Runner

Carpet runners are available in an assortment of colours, but by far the most popular choices are red or white. These are pretty durable and will withstand, hail, rain, wind or shine and are not expensive, and are a very popular choice for weddings here in Spain.

Floral Pew Ends

Decorating the end chair or every other chair of your wedding rows is a very effective way to decorate your aisle. The most popular pew end decoration with such a profound effect is baby’s breath, this choice is my favourite as it captures the feel of the wedding perfectly.

pew ends

Themed Pew Ends

For a recent beach wedding the bride chose to decorate her aisle by following through with her beach themed wedding style. The pew ends were decorated with a white organza and rope decoration finished off with a starfish.


Baby’s Breath Baskets

An alternative to the pew end decoration would be to have baskets/buckets of baby’s breath  either at the entrance to your aisle or positioned along the floor along each side of the aisle. These always look heavenly in a Spanish  Cortijo garden setting.

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