Macaron Madness

Macarons, such delightful french delicacies.  Take a bite and your teeth sink into the sugary crusty exterior, followed through by the creamy texture of the soft interior as it melts in your mouth…mmm delicious.

Macarons can be made in any colour to compliment any wedding theme or colour scheme.  The meringue / almond shells are made from a mixture of sugar, egg whites and almond flour, that should be slightly crisp and smooth on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside. Beware these delectable morsals are not suitable for guests with nut allergies.

You can let your taste buds go wild when choosing the filling for your Macarons. They can be filled with anything from a chocolate ganache, a salted caramel soft fudge, fresh cream or buttercream. Any of these fillings can be flavoured or coloured to suit your personal taste.

You may wish to opt for a macaron wedding cake display to wow your guests with.ITALIAN MACS

Alternatively a choose a cake few macarons together with your floral decoration as a more classic option.macaron cake

Choose to give macarons to your guests as favours, presented in pretty organza bags or cute favour boxes. Add a personalised message tag to these too if you wish.macaron favours


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